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Qatari sheikh convicted of killing pensioner by dangerous driving in London sued by victim’s family

LONDON: A Qatari sheikh is being sued by a British family for more than £200,000 ($246,754) after he killed their pensioner relative in 2019.

Sheikh Hassan Nasser Al-Thani knocked down Charles Roberts, 66, while speeding through London in his Rolls-Royce.

The pensioner died at the scene and the Qatari sheikh was convicted and given an eight-month prison sentence, which was suspended for two years.

Following a court ruling and a guilty plea to causing death by dangerous driving, Al-Thani was also banned from driving in the UK for three years.

The family of Roberts is now suing Al-Thani on behalf of the victim’s brother Peter, who is demanding more than £200,000 in compensation.

“Peter Roberts was supported by the deceased and is now supported by his cousins who have power of attorney to deal with his financial affairs on his behalf,” lawyers for the family said.

The claim is “on behalf of the dependent of the deceased consequent to his death… as a result of the negligent driving management and/or control of a motor vehicle driven by the defendant,” they added.

At the time of Al-Thani’s sentencing in October 2021, he was ruled to have been traveling at speeds of up to 54 mph in a 30 mph zone.

Judge Richard Marks also said that he was “satisfied” that had Al-Thani been driving “in or around” the correct speed limit, that Roberts’ death could, and would, have been avoided.

The Qatari royal was spared jail due to his “serious” health issues, including “morbid obesity” and “sleep apnoea,” which the court said would have put him at risk during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“I accept, and this is important, that your excessive speed and carelessness occurred only over a matter of a few seconds,” the judge said, while suspending his sentence.



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