Chocolate hazelnut-filled Oreos are going to be released in the US this year.

Although Oreo isn’t officially collaborating with Nutella on the new flavour, the delicious new filling is sure to excite chocoholics everywhere.

However, now it’s official. According to PopSugar, Oreo has confirmed that the Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos will be available to buy from January 1st.

There’s more. Chocolate hazelnut isn’t the only new filling Oreo will be debuting in the New Year.

Following a competition that Oreo ran this year with the hashtag #MyOREOCreation, the company has selected three flavours chosen by their consumers to add to their range.

Piňa Colada, Cherry Cola and Kettle Corn flavoured Oreos will now be making their way into American stores.

The Piňa Colada flavoured Oreos will contain a pineapple-coconut filling, the Kettle Corn Oreos will contain puffed millet pieces and the Cherry Cola Oreos will contain a red and white filling with popping candy.

All three variations will be available in May 2018.


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