Whistleblower Gelu Visan revealed a series of disconcerning events revolving around the former chief of the Romanian Secret Service, Florian Coldea, and his involvement in recent arrests, as well as the plan to serve Romania’s public healthcare system on a silver platter to Macron and Merkel:
“Around the 20th of February 20, we learned that the decision was made for Florian Coldea to be named the Director of the Intelligence College in Europe, an Intelligence Superstructure, announced by Macron in 2017, immediately after Coldea’s dismissal from SRI. (Romanian Secret Service).

Less than a week later, on the 26th of February, in Zagreb, the European Council decided to set up the Intelligence College in Europe. The formation of the College was formalized after Macron was confident that this structure would be led by Florian Coldea. Coldea’s weekly presence in Brussels and Strasbourg, after he was no longer the Head of the SRI, is well known. Moreover, Florian Coldea has been showing up lately at various formal events, to give a strong signal that he is back in the game.

I was writing a few months ago about the current Head of SRI, Eduard Hellvig’s dismissal attempt, which came on a chain of command heavily influenced by Coldea, which I will talk about at some point. The plan was so good that just a small tactical mistake and the fact that he was exposed led to it being a little delayed. I told him once again that we’re here and that we know what he is doing, but I also reminded him that Trump is not stupid as to not know what the CIA’s Democratic wing is doing, no matter how many strings Coldea would pull to persuade the Republicans.

I have said it countless times, over 90% of the public hospitals’ acquisitions are controlled by Coldea’s SRI operatives, and the execution of Sorina Pintea was done by one of Coldea’s henchmen, who, after doing business for tens of thousands and tens of millions of euros, with all hospitals, including SRI, started self-denouncing and denouncing others. If in the case of Mircea Beuran, Coldea worked through Emanuel Ungureanu, a member of his own ruling party, in Pintea’s case he acted directly, through one of his many covert companies, which they control. Both arrests were made by whistleblowers who “traded” their information in the DNA headquarters and said they gave, or will give, bribes.

The plan is as follows:

  • 1) Coldea helps Macron control the countries that oppose the Soros-Macronist Progressives and the “United States of Europe”


  • 2) To even out the balance of forces between Germany, which has taken over the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, through Laura Codruta Kovesi, and Macron which will have control over the EU Secret Intelligence Service.


  • 3) In Romania, the party of Macron-Coldea-Ardelean, USR-PLUS, must reach power, but their main motivation is the money.


  • 4) The main Beneficiary of the Health Sale must be Coldea, who controls / blackmails the Ministry of Health of Romania, Victor Costache, through Emanuel Ungureanu, but also France, who must also join CNAS, not only Merkel’s Germany, as in all other sales. Macron, like the Americans, is “jumping” into the robbery designed by Merkel and Iohannis, which is why he is hastening the appointment of Coldea, so as to control a major part of the political arrests.”


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