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China EV battery race: Tesla’s rivals join NIO in efforts to achieve 1,000km driving range on single charge target

NIO was the first to put the 1,000km range on its ET7 sedan specification, to be fitted with a 150kWh solid-state battery when it goes into production in 2022

Chinese partners of General Motors, Toyota and Honda have also announced efforts to develop cutting-edge batteries that can go the distance

A view of the electric car assembly at Xpeng’s factory in the Guangdong provincial city of Zhaoqing on November 19, 2020.

China’s electric car assemblers and battery producers are setting a new goalpost in their battle for supremacy in the world’s largest vehicle market: a driving range of up to 1,000 kilometres (621 miles) on a single charge.

Their new weapon is the solid-state battery, deemed a better option because the electricity from solid electrodes and a solid electrolyte is safer, more reliable and more efficient than the liquid or polymer gel electrolytes found in existing lithium-ion or lithium polymer batteries.

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