Bruno Mars left the Grammys with six trophies in all, including the three biggest prizes: Album of the year, song of the year and record of the year.

Speaking onstage, he paid tribute to his fellow nominees, saying: “You guys are the reason why I’m in the studio pulling my hair out”.

He also told the story of how, as a 15-year-old in Hawaii, he performed in a show called The Magic of Polynesia, singing songs by R&B writers Babyface, Jam & Lewis and Terry Riley.

“I’ll be honest, I was incredible at 15,” he laughed, before explaining how he’d wanted to recapture the sounds of those 80s and 90s hits on his latest album.

“Those songs were written with nothing but joy… and that’s all I wanted to bring with this album. Hopefully I could feel that again and see everybody dancing and everybody moving.”

As well as the star’s own prizes, his recording engineers won a further award for their work on the album.