US President Donald Trump will meet Russia’s Vladimir Putin later on Monday, ending a tumultuous European tour in which he criticised his allies.

Mr Trump said he had “low expectations” ahead of the talks in the Finnish capital, Helsinki, but added that “maybe some good” would come of them.

The summit comes after 12 Russians were charged with hacking in the 2016 US elections.

Mr Trump says he will raise the issue, but there is no formal agenda.

The two leaders will meet one-on-one, and will be joined only by their interpreters. It is the first-ever summit between Mr Putin and Mr Trump – although they have previously met on the sidelines of multilateral talks.

There have been calls in the US for Mr Trump to cancel the meeting altogether over the indictments of Russian military intelligence agents, announced on Friday.

Russia denies the allegations, and says it is looking forward to the talks as a vehicle for improving relations.