“Medicare-for-All”, a false claim made by Senator Bernie Sanders, is actually Medicare for no one.

It would take away Medicare from seniors, private health insurance from everybody else, and dump them into a government system that would make Medicaid look good.

Obviously, socialized medicine means resource shortages, usage controls that would limit patient access to medications and procedures, and promote euthanasia.

China’s coronavirus shows some of the other less anticipated aspects.

Much as the USSR reacted to Chernobyl by sacrificing outer areas, diverting food supplies poisoned with radioactive contamination away from Moscow and toward other regions, the PRC is mobilizing doctors to protect Beijing while depriving outer regions of access to medicine.

A centralized system acts, first and foremost, to protect the elites in the center, and their bureaucracies, which comprise the empire’s core. Everything else and everyone else is expendable.

Like Moscow, Beijing’s priority is protecting the power, privilege and lives of its ruling class. In a crisis, medical care gets diverted to making sure that Communist Party bosses and oligarchs (and their families) are taken care of, while in affected areas, people are locked away in buildings to die. It’s the classic masque of the red death moment and it’s increasingly being caught on video.

This is what socialism is. Aside from everything else, socialism is centralization. And centralization is the essence of totalitarianism.

When there’s a crisis, the people who run things live, those who don’t, die.

For social justice.