Romanians nationals abroad will be allowed to vote in the presidential election on November 8, 9 and 10, according to latest pieces of legislation regarding the organisation of the ballot adopted on Tuesday by the government, with electioneering set to start on October 12.

Governmental spokesman Nelu Barbu unveiled at the Government House a timetable for this autumn’s presidential election.

* September 2 – deadline for submitting to the Central Electoral Bureau of any protocol establishing an electoral alliance;

* September 11 – deadline for registration with the electoral roll as voters abroad and registration for postal voting;

* September 22, 24:00 – deadline for submitting the bids and unveiling the electoral signs to BEC;

* October 12 – electioneering starts;

* November 8, 12:00 until 21:00 – the first day of voting abroad;

* November 9, 07:00 – electioneering ends;

* November 9, from 07:00 to 21:00 – the second day of voting abroad;

* November 10, 07:00 – voting starts in the country, continues for the third day abroad, until 21:00; Voters who at 21.00 are at the polling station, as well as those who are outside waiting in line could vote until 23:59.

Barbu added that the pieces of legislation passed on Tuesday set the powers of the organisations involved in organising and conducting the election: the Interior Ministry (MAI), the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE ), the Official Journal, the Special Telecommunications Service (STS), the Standing Electoral Authority (AEP) and the National Institute of Statistics (INS).