Pro Romania and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) lodged, on Sunday, with the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC), the protocol for setting up the Electoral Alliance between the two parties in order to support the independent candidate Mircea Diaconu in the presidential elections.

The protocol was submitted by the two co-chairs of the Alliance, Norica Nicolai and Sorin Cimpeanu.

“Today we have submitted the Alliance protocol with the Central Electoral Bureau. (…) Both parties have very clearly understood that this is a time when politics, if it wants to be accepted and respected by the citizens, has to change fundamentally. Both parties have moved past vanities, which is not easy in the Romanian politics, full of people without principles, but with a lot of pride, who attach their personal, group or party interests to these vanities and promote them as the solutions for the citizen, the positions for a country. Unfortunately, I, having been through this political life for almost 20 years, can very honestly tell you that we have come to a conclusion that the citizens have also reached: politics has moved away from the people,” Norica Nicolai affirmed.

She added that if he wins the presidential election, Mircea Diaconu will be “a man who cares about everyone.”

Sorin Cimpeanu affirmed that common sense will be promoted in the election campaign.

“We chose this electoral alliance to support a man. He is an independent candidate who is technically supported by the alliance. We have chosen to have a presidential campaign based on projects, ideas, dialogue with citizens. We will also promote common sense, professionalism and modesty. We believe that this candidate elected by the electoral alliance fits this profile very well (…) We will thus promote balance, the exchange of ideas and never the insults or other things unfortunately too harsh,” Cimpeanu went on to say.

On Wednesday, the leader of Pro Romania, Victor Ponta, announced that he has signed a collaboration protocol, “a technical document”, by which Pro Romania and ALDE support the “independent candidacy” of actor Mircea Diaconu in the presidential elections, and the campaign will be led by the representatives of the two parties, Norica Nicolai (ALDE) and Sorin Cimpeanu (Pro Romania).