World number one Dustin Johnson says there is no need to limit how far golf balls fly because nobody “is making the game too easy”.

“When was the last time you saw someone make the game too easy? I don’t really understand what all the debate is about because it doesn’t matter how far it goes; it is about getting it in the hole.”

Mike Davis, executive director of the United States Golf Association, recently told the Wall Street Journal: “The reality is this is affecting all golfers and affecting them in a bad way.”

It has been suggested that the sport’s rule-makers, the USGA and the Royal and Ancient, are considering changes.

“Whatever they decide to do it doesn’t really matter,” said Johnson, who hit a 433-yard drive to within six inches of the hole on the par-four 12th at the Tournament of Champions in Hawaii last week.

“There was a lot of luck in that,” he insisted. “There were a number of other factors involved, a 30 miles per hour wind behind me, downhill, firm fairway. I mean normally I can’t hit that ball that far.

“If the ball is limited then it is going to limit everyone. I’m still going to hit it that much further than I guess the average tour player.

“But who knows? I don’t know how they would do it or what they would do or how long it would take them to be able to do it. It’s not really a debate for me.”