Thursday, September 19, 2019

Tesla in space

The pioneering rocket firm just pulled off the unexpected, and carried out what appears to be a seamless first-ever launch of its massive new rocket, called Falcon Heavy. That makes SpaceX, the game-changing company helmed by billionaire Tesla CEO Elon...

Sweden floating hotel

ArcticBath is a new hotel adrift on the Lule River in the Scandinavian north -- a glacial haven of snow-tipped forests, world-class fishing, amazing wildlife and the Northern Lights. ArcticBath can  offer  a pleasant  escape from the everyday and this...
In the Philippines has begun spewing out lava the Mount Mayon volcano , after it began erupting during the weekend. Thousands of people have abandon their homes, as volcanologists warn a 'hazardous explosion' could take place within weeks or days.